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The Road To Inspiration — Peter Link and Julia Wade


This article has been reprinted from an article first appearing in the Principia Purpose, Peter’s High School and College Alumni Magazine in December of 2010.


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Interview with Composer Greg Granoff – Part 1


Music Chose Him:
An Interview with
Inspirational Composer Greg Granoff

Part 1

My interview with composer Greg Granoff kicks off a new part of Inspiratus.
It will be featuring interview/conversations with artists of all kinds.
The idea is to explore just how inspiration, creativity, and spirituality all play a role in the development, creation and reception of an artist’s work.


Watchfire Music Composer Greg Granoff writes sacred music with great skill and craftsmanship. In particular, his is a catalogue of beautiful, sophisticated vocal solos scored for both the organ and piano, and composed with a harmonic language uniquely Greg’s own.

Here’s my conversation with Greg Granoff:

JW: What is your earliest memory of music?

greg_granoffGG: I don’t know that I can speak about the earliest one with any certainty; I remember various things, all from my time as a small boy. I have a distinct memory of my earliest piano lessons — I was about 5. I remember very early hearing my father play the piano in the evenings after I was in bed–that had a huge effect on me. I remember the 78 rpm records my father played of Russian and Mexican folk music; I remember my mother strumming the guitar and picking out folk songs; I remember them both listening to the Metropolitan Opera on Sunday afternoons; and I remember being glued to the record player even while others my age were out playing in the street.

I was equally captivated by Burl Ives or a Beethoven symphony. I remember dreaming about music. (more…)

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