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Djembe Thanksgiving – Part 1

Djembe Thanksgiving
Part 1:
The Drummers and Joe

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I am grateful for many things, and as I stand facing forward into the New Year, African drumming is one of them!  Looking back over 2009, one of the stand-out moments for me was the Thanksgiving Service in Boston at The First Church of Christ, Scientist, (The Mother Church) where I serve as soloist.

This year, we had the distinct privilege of including some truly soulful folks whose lives are given to healing and caring.  These folks also happen to be mostly African and drummers and they are Christian Science nurses and they shared their musical gifts with the congregation during the Thanksgiving service.

Rehearsal in the Original Edifice of The Mother Church: Doris Olawuwo, Tamie Kanata, Nathan Frederick, Joe Galeota, Dogah Koblavi, Teresa Ambugo, Steve Okwor, Julia Wade

In my inimitable fashion, I will be telling you some stories and sub-stories of this experience – in 5 parts!  It was such a rich, unifying and uplifting endeavor that went way beyond the actual church service (which was wonderful – but more on that later!)  So here’s the story, or actually, here are the stories…



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The Kingdom Of God: A Follow Up


Follow up
Inspiratus Interview
with Composer Greg Granoff

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greg_granoffBy the time I posted the Inspiratus interview with composer Greg Granoff, I had already sung two of his songs at The Mother Church in Boston where I perform each week.  I felt I had a real sense of his music by then, and I had become a true fan!

In his interview, Greg mentioned that his favorite song was “The Kingdom Of God.”

Well, when I first heard this song about a year ago, I was very moved by the beauty of its unique melodic and harmonic structures.  Shifting keys from minor to major and a constant conversation between the voice and keyboard fully engaged me and drew from me an immediate emotional response.  I was excited to explore this piece further, but I had to wait until last Sunday, September 13th to sing the song in a service.

“The Kingdom Of God” is a dramatic song, and it tells a truly dramatic story.

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