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Silk Road – Part 6: My Body

This is part 6 in a series of blog articles about my new CD, Silk Road, which will be released in just 5 days on December 4th!   Here’s a really interesting adventure that we all share in common, each in our own way …

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This is a song about my body.  But I’m not so sure it’s about me.  Because me, and my body… well, you see, we’re a bit of a mystery.

We spend our lives trying to figure out our bodies – physically, on the one hand, spiritually, on the other… and we try to get all the shades in between.  This body …  It’s very hard to define.


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What’s Love Got To Do With It? Part 1


The Great Tina Turner“What’s love got to do with it”?  What do you mean?  What’s love got to do with what?  It’s got to do with your life’s work.  That’s what.  So, I’m not talking about  Tina Turner’s legendary view of romantic love. I’m talking about that deep spiritual, elemental kind of love that commits us to our work.

I had a great opportunity to learn more about that deep elemental love in action.

Years ago when I was a young singer at the beginning of my career, I attended a recital given by Frederica von Stade, the American opera singer and recitalist.

vonstadeShe was, and remains to this day, one of my favorite opera singers of all time.  For me, she represents the consummate artist while possessing a largess of heart and spirit.  Throughout her 40-year career, her instrument was rich, agile and glorious, and she was a wonderful actress on stage.  But mostly, I always felt her joy and love — not only for her craft, but for her audience as well.

So, imagine my excitement to get to experience Frederica von Stade live in recital!

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Djembe Thanksgiving – Part 5

Djembe Thanksgiving
Part 5:
Drums in Church – Some Concluding Thoughts

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Kemi Awosile

My friend Kemi Awosile put me in contact with Steve Okwor, an African drummer who organized the drummers for our Thanksgiving Day service at The Mother Church (TMC).  She had sat in and drummed with this group before, and so I asked her how she felt about her experience.

Kemi said, “I am in awe of the communication that occurs when two or more people sit down to drum.  The inner and outer rhythms, the call and response back and forth and the pure joy of working together and off of one another all leave me breathless and spell bound. For me, it is miraculous and magical to get to play with these folks.”

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Interview with Composer Greg Granoff – Part 2


Music Chose Him:
An Interview with
Inspirational Composer Greg Granoff

Part 2

My interview with composer Greg Granoff kicks off a new part of Inspiratus.
It will be featuring interview/conversations with artists of all kinds.
The idea is to explore just how inspiration, creativity, and spirituality all play a role in the development, creation and reception of an artist’s work.


Read Part One of my interview with Greg Granoff

SM_granoff_thbTo continue with our conversation, Watchfire Music Composer Greg Granoff has spoken in depth about his approach to composition and his thoughts on creativity. Greg also mentioned his work in the Music Department at Humbolt State University. (more…)

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Lyrics and Church – Part 2

JW_alabadoHere’s another really interesting aspect of Lyrics and Church: What happens when people have divergent theological interpretations of a song’s lyrics that you sing in church? It probably occurs far more than we musicians realize. Not everyone speaks up. But when someone does, it always gives me pause for thought and reflection.

I sang a beautiful contemporary anthem in church not so long ago. It was actually the second time I had performed this song in a three-year period, and also had recorded it on my Inspirational Spanish CD.


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Sparks from the Fire’s Peter Link

fc_peter_link_1I want to introduce you to Watchfire Music’s Creative Director, Peter Link. He’s a composer, lyricist, producer, writer, husband, father, spiritual thinker and keen observer of human behavior.

He’s an interesting guy. If you want to find out about what’s going on inside his mind, check out his blog. It’s called “Sparks from the Fire” and it’s the official blogsite of Watchfire Music.


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