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Goin’ Home — A New Music Project!

Goin’ Home is a brand new music project that has been two years in the making.  The project’s creator, Peter Link, is the record producer, composer, arranger and orchestrator of this work.  There is a cast of wonderful 15 singers on the forthcoming CD and concert tour.  This project is a beautiful, joyful, deep, amazing and diverse work dealing with a theme relevant to anyone and everyone.



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9/11: Sunday in New York City

Early Morning in New York City

I was grateful to be home in NYC for the anniversary of September 11th.  I didn’t plan it that way.  Most Sundays find me singing in Boston.  On this particular Sunday, however, I was home for a few weeks of working on my new CD project.

Seth Godin

Sunday, September 11th was a beautiful day of reflection, remembrance and connection.  The day began with early morning readings on 9/11.  I read a beautiful blog post by Seth Godin.  Be sure to check out this insightful article:  “It’s Different Here.”

Peter Link

Then I read Peter Link’s profoundly moving blog post on 9/11.  Enjoy his inspiring and healing view point in “Remembering”

Next, my eyes landed on a piece of sheet music on my desk.  The song was Duke Ellington’s “Come Sunday.”  The lyrics were a PERFECT prayer to set out on this day of remembrance.  And there was no choice but to listen to the great Mahalia Jackson sing this song on the Duke Ellington Black Brown and Beige album.  It is transcendent.  Listen here.  View the lyrics here.

Finally, as a contribution to this 10th anniversary of 9/11, I posted to Facebook and Twitter a free download of my recording of Peter Link’s “In Silence” from  It is a tribute and comforting song to anyone who has felt the loss of a loved one and who mourns.  Please get your free download of “In Silence” here.

Then the day really got rolling!  (more…)

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Singing Siyahamba with the World

I’m speechless. I’ve just had an extraordinary experience with an amazing hymn. This video pretty much says it all. This past week, I had the great honor to participate in the world-wide Annual Meeting of the Christian Science church. And this year, we ALL had the distinct opportunity to feel an incredible sense of global unity through music. Check it out here on youtube!

If you want to learn more about the making of this beautiful video, check out these articles by Peter Link, from his blog, Sparks From The Fire:
1. Peter Link’s Blog Post on The Making of Siyahamba, Part 1:
2. Peter Link’s Blog Post on The Making of Siyahamba, Part 2 (Sao Paolo):
3. Peter Link’s Blog Post on The Making of Siyahamba, Part 3 (Capetown):

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Sparks from the Fire’s Peter Link

fc_peter_link_1I want to introduce you to Watchfire Music’s Creative Director, Peter Link. He’s a composer, lyricist, producer, writer, husband, father, spiritual thinker and keen observer of human behavior.

He’s an interesting guy. If you want to find out about what’s going on inside his mind, check out his blog. It’s called “Sparks from the Fire” and it’s the official blogsite of Watchfire Music.


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