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Soul’s Perfection: A Story of Receptivity

siwonsmilecropI tell you what, this business of planning and programming Inspirational music way ahead of the actual church service is serious stuff.  Generally, I choose solos 4 to 12 weeks in advance of each service.

In order to make those choices, I study the content of each future sermon.  I research available music selections that will highlight an aspect of that sermon or support the overall message.  I also have to get lyrics approved by the folks who maintain the consistency of message within each service.

With planning so far in advance, as I get closer to the actual performance, sometimes I have to rediscover why I chose a piece in the first place.

Here’s an example:  I performed a beautiful song entitled “Soul’s Perfection” by Carolyn Kardinal for a Sunday sermon whose subject was “Everlasting Punishment.” Ugh.  Heavy theme.  But actually, the point of the Lesson-sermon was Redemption — God’s everlasting love for His creation.

During the week leading to the performance of this song, I suddenly found myself very troubled about the lyrics.  I loved the lyrics, but I was suddenly confronted with major doubts.



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Have I Got A Song For You! – Part 2

song of unityCoverMany of you who regularly search for that next great piece of music to sing in your worship service — You Know Who You Are — have asked about the solo I performed on June 7, 2009. The occasion was the day of Sunday Services preceding the Monday Annual Meeting of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, 2009.

As many of you know, this year’s theme for Annual Meeting was “One Accord, One Place.” The Sunday Services definitely supported this theme.

After going down many different roads of exploration, in search of that perfect song, the right idea for the solo just floated to the surface in a very quiet moment. That’s usually how it happens for me.

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My Last Four Years

_MG_7388Hello Friends,

For some of you, reading this on-going blog will finally be a reply to YOUR email – en masse – that you may have sent me as far back as three years ago. I have not forgotten you and I have kept your emails. Weeks, months, and even a few years have passed, and I still wish to reply to you. I can only offer my apology and give you an explanation as to what’s been going on!

But first, here’s how the blog will work: (more…)

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A New Song In My Heart

The Mother Church, Boston

The Mother Church, Boston

I just got back from a huge weekend at The Mother Church (that’s the Christian Science world headquarters where I sing each week) and what an amazing time. People came from all over the world to participate in special services and activities.

I sang 4 services on Sunday and MC’ed a Hymn Sing that introduced brand new hymns soon to come out in a supplemental Hymnal. People were overjoyed to sing new music. Hey, they were clapping and dancing in the aisles!!

The weekend culminated in the 2008 Annual Meeting on Monday, June 2nd. It was a very inspiring, uplifting meeting. Many folks have been writing in and asking about the closing song — the benediction for the meeting that I was honored to sing. It is a new song by Peter Link called “Finding The Christ In Me.”

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