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Lyrics and Church – Part 2

JW_alabadoHere’s another really interesting aspect of Lyrics and Church: What happens when people have divergent theological interpretations of a song’s lyrics that you sing in church? It probably occurs far more than we musicians realize. Not everyone speaks up. But when someone does, it always gives me pause for thought and reflection.

I sang a beautiful contemporary anthem in church not so long ago. It was actually the second time I had performed this song in a three-year period, and also had recorded it on my Inspirational Spanish CD.



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The Master’s Voice

Pike's Peak in Colorado - image by David Shankbone

There is a lady who spends her days in an incredible place on the planet. She lives at the foot of the Front Range in Colorado where she composes beautiful ballads, solo songs and choral pieces for her church and the world.

She writes lyrics that soar and offer expressions of gratitude, joy, devotion, inner reflection, comfort, worship and praise. Her music is inspired. Remarkably, this lady’s method of tithing to her church is to offer her music on the internet as free sheet music downloads. What a gift!

Sally Deford is a prolific composer of Christian Inspirational music that crosses over many religions. She is a member of the Mormon Church, yet much of her music lives and breathes in other church denominations as well. (more…)

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