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Live In Peace

Life has been jam-packed.  I believe it is for most everyone these days.

My “jam-packed” is filled with music projects, deadlines, rehearsals and all things Watchfire Music, while currently recording my newest album. It’s a sacred CD that will also offer digital sheet music for many of the songs so that they may be performed in local churches and inspirational events around the globe.

It’s been several years since I recorded a CD of specifically sacred-centered or church-focused music. This sacred music is my foundation, though, from which all other music and projects spring.  It’s a total joy to work on this.  It’s home.

As part of my preparation for the CD, lately I’ve been going on rehearsal-walks: I take my iPod and ear buds and head out to the nearby park.  I walk several miles and dive deep into the music tracks — living the lyrics, feeling the harmonies, and walking the rhythms.  I dream the stories in each song.


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Princess For A Day!


Princess For A Day! 
(Well, actually for a week…)

I had the great pleasure to work with the wonderful musician/guitarist Chieli Minucci (best known for his band, Chieli Minucci & Special EFX) this past week. Chieli composed the theme song for a Princess World Expo in Shanghai, China — and I recorded it for him on Saturday at his studio. (more…)

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Social Media — How It’s Working in My Life


I subscribe to Social Media Examiner — a blog I have been following for about a year.  I also recently joined their Social Media Marketing Society in an effort to learn more about Social Media and its changes and updates.  In the Meet and Greet section, we are asked to introduce ourselves.  I did, and the moderator came back and asked me how I was using Social Media in my concert and recording career.

It was a really powerful experience to put into words what I have been doing and why.  I am sure my answer was far too long for the moderator, but it wasn’t for me.  It was a real stream-of-consciousness brainstorm to review what I and my company, Watchfire Music, have been engaged in now for quite a while.  Seems appropriate to share some of this insight here with you, too.  After all, we spend most of our time together communicating through some form of digital communication (my other term for Social Media!). (more…)

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My Buddy

FA_RH_LookingBackI have an amazing neighbor and friend, Richard-Charles Hoh. We’ve had a long-term “elevator friendship.” It’s the kind of friendship that naturally develops living in New York City, where we depend heavily on elevators to get us to and from home, get us to work, etc.

I shared elevator greetings with Richard for about 10 years with a deep sense of recognition and familiarity. Whenever we were on the same elevator, I always felt so happy to see him and do the usual exchange of hellos. I never knew his name, nor did he know mine, but we were great friends – elevator friends!

Two years ago, Richard came to our studio to record his most recent CD: “Looking Back With Love: My Life In Song.” My husband recognized Richard too and we were all officially introduced. Peter and Richard realized that they had been riding the same elevator together for about 25 years – again, never knowing each other’s name. (more…)

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