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Soul’s Perfection: A Story of Receptivity

siwonsmilecropI tell you what, this business of planning and programming Inspirational music way ahead of the actual church service is serious stuff.  Generally, I choose solos 4 to 12 weeks in advance of each service.

In order to make those choices, I study the content of each future sermon.  I research available music selections that will highlight an aspect of that sermon or support the overall message.  I also have to get lyrics approved by the folks who maintain the consistency of message within each service.

With planning so far in advance, as I get closer to the actual performance, sometimes I have to rediscover why I chose a piece in the first place.

Here’s an example:  I performed a beautiful song entitled “Soul’s Perfection” by Carolyn Kardinal for a Sunday sermon whose subject was “Everlasting Punishment.” Ugh.  Heavy theme.  But actually, the point of the Lesson-sermon was Redemption — God’s everlasting love for His creation.

During the week leading to the performance of this song, I suddenly found myself very troubled about the lyrics.  I loved the lyrics, but I was suddenly confronted with major doubts.



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