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Music, Art and Love


Florence, Italy —

I’ve been to Florence, Italy three times in my life.  In fact, I am here in Florence at this very moment as I write.  Each time I come to Firenze, three essentials always require my attention:  Music, Art and Love.

Firenze: La Prima Volta  (The First Time)

Having declared my major in music, I was just out of my freshman year of college and touring eight countries in two months with my university chamber choir, The Choraliers.  We spent four unforgettable, and absolutely life-changing days in this Renaissance city singing Latin motets in Florentine churches including Il Duomo and Santa Croce.

I was constantly running after the bus, having stayed too long at the museums and in the cathedral and churches. I had just completed a semester of Art History and every time I turned a corner, there was some painting or statue that I had studied.  It was mind-blowing.

I fell in love with a boy in Firenze.  He was American and was traveling on his own.  One of his friends was in our choral group, so when they arranged to meet up, I was swept off of my feet. (more…)


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Me and Bobby McFerrin

I walked out of church yesterday feeling really good.  Feeling grateful.  Just loving this September day in New York City, and feeling glad to be embarking on my Sunday walk home.

It’s been more than 7 years since I’ve gone on these Sunday walks.  I was busy up in Boston.  But this summer, I resumed them.  It’s been natural and easy, and the tradition has quickly kicked back in. It’s about a 2-mile walk, starting on the Upper East Side with a meandering trek through Central Park, over to the West Side and another couple dozen blocks or so south to my own Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

I love this walk.  Anything or nothing can happen on it.  Often I crave the nothingness that happens – just walking in the city and seeing the people outside in all seasons and all weather.


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Music — A Healing Agent

After being involved in the NYC Spiritual Activists Summit a couple of weeks ago, I got to thinking again about the huge potential and opportunity music holds to inspire, lift up and heal.

I wrote a short article that I posted to On The Summit — a great site dedicated to allowing Summit attendees and visitors to stay in touch with one another, and to continue exploring spirituality, friendship, etc.  (Check out the “Best of” Highlights of the weekend!)

Friday night music at the NYC Summit; photo by Nathaniel Wilder

I wanted to share my article with you on here on my blog. The Summit weekend reminded me of an experience I had when I was 16 and the healing that resulted. Music played an important role in helping me get to that point of healing.

So here goes!

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No Emotion


This is an article by Peter Link from his blog Sparks From The Fire.  “No Emotion” is a response to one singer’s feelings about how music should (or should not) be performed  in a church worship service. Peter’s answer, written from the point of view  of a lyricist/composer of inspirational songs,  is an illuminating and even instructive  jumping off point for further discussion…

There is so much to explore on this subject!  At least that is true for me as I continue the journey of performing inspirational music in the church worship service.  I hope this article will spark ideas for you and your services.


No Emotion
Peter Link

A woman called several weeks ago to thank me for a sacred song I’d written that she sang as a solo in church. We had a most friendly talk and near the end of the conversation she said proudly, “I just want to assure you that I sing your songs with absolutely no emotion.” (more…)

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Inspiratus by Julia Wade


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