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On Memorization – Part 1

Part 1:  “How Do You Do That?”

For the past six years, I have performed as soloist at the international headquarters of a church whose services are broadcast around the world.  During this time, I have sung a different solo each week matched to the sermon to follow – and I have performed most of the songs from memory.

Performing from memory is a must-have skill for any performer, and yet it can be a rather illusive process.  It was, at least, for me.

This is the first of a series of posts on memorization. Through the series, I hope to share some of the wisdom and insights I have learned through exploration, study, and sheer experience.

To begin, I have been asked the following questions often and with a certain kind of urgency:  “How do you do that?”  “How do you memorize your songs week after week?”

These are good questions.  How do I memorize a piece of music — the words, music, melody, timing, etc. and stand up and perform this way week after week?  It’s not easy.  I don’t recommend it for everyone.  But it’s so very worth it if you can take the leap!  It is an on-going spiritual, mental and physical process.


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