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Poetry and Art Smash Against Life on the 38th Floor

Marcia Pelletiere is not only a founding member of The Accidentals, a prize-winning a capella group based in New York City, but she also happens to be an amazing poet and writer.

About five years ago, Marcia wrote a body of poetry that eventually culminated in a truly original collection of songs – her double CD “Little Noises.”

hudson-riverMarcia wrote twenty-six evocative poems and then called in the troops:  many of her great musician friends, musical luminaries including Joy Askew, Richard Barone, Peter Link, Christy O’Leary, Vernon Reid, Suzzy Roche, Terre Roche, Catherine Russell, and The Accidentals, — and asked them to each set one of her poems to music.

What a herd she caught!  What a gaggle of sounds!  What a stampede of notes and colors and feelings… Oh, what a truly great idea to bring this brood of eclectic artists together in one CD, all corralled by the exquisite words of Ms. Pelletiere.

Marcia recorded a lot of this project in our studio.  I’d known her for years — I had been to many an Accidental concert and seen her at many recording sessions — but it was during Little Noises that we really became friends.



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