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My Buddy

FA_RH_LookingBackI have an amazing neighbor and friend, Richard-Charles Hoh. We’ve had a long-term “elevator friendship.” It’s the kind of friendship that naturally develops living in New York City, where we depend heavily on elevators to get us to and from home, get us to work, etc.

I shared elevator greetings with Richard for about 10 years with a deep sense of recognition and familiarity. Whenever we were on the same elevator, I always felt so happy to see him and do the usual exchange of hellos. I never knew his name, nor did he know mine, but we were great friends – elevator friends!

Two years ago, Richard came to our studio to record his most recent CD: “Looking Back With Love: My Life In Song.” My husband recognized Richard too and we were all officially introduced. Peter and Richard realized that they had been riding the same elevator together for about 25 years – again, never knowing each other’s name. (more…)


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