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Mr. Kanamori’s “Children Full of Life”

Mr. Kanamori’s “Children Full of Life”

One of my internet sources of Inspiration is a site called  I have blogged about these folks before, and I have to do it again.  Because I subscribe to their site, I receive a Karmatube Video of the Week by email every Friday morning.

I try to go through every video each week, but sometimes they stack up, just as my email does.  Last Friday, however, I took the time to view the video that week and was deeply rewarded and refreshed for having done so.

The Karmatube Video of the Week for Friday, January 15th was actually the first of a series of 5 documentary shorts about a truly special teacher, Toshiro Kanamori, who teaches his fourth grade students in Kanazawa, a town northwest of Tokyo.

Mr. Kanamori teaches, besides normal curriculum, some of the grand themes in life:  love, compassion, patience, teamwork, dealing with grief and most importantly, the capacity to be happy.  He has his children write their inner thoughts each day in their journals, and they in turn share what they have written.

In the course of sharing, these children learn to listen to each another, to respect and to support one another.


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Inspiration Infusion: Mr. B and His 5th Grade Chorus


ps22-3Have you heard about “Mr. B” and his 5th grade chorus at PS 22 in New York City? Gregg Breinberg, director of the PS 22 chorus of 5th graders is an amazing, inspiring teacher who has reached the hearts and souls of his students through music.  He teaches at in an inner city public school in New York City’s borough of Staten Island.

This is a truly uplifting and affirming story of the power of love and dedication – and of the expectation and realization of the capabilities and possibilities inherent in every child.

So here’s your Inspiration Infusion: Listen to the PS 22 Chorus sing “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac:


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KarmaTube and Gratefulness


I don’t remember how I discovered it, but somewhere in the last year, I became a huge fan and subscriber of It may have been a forwarded email, or maybe I stumbled on to it while doing a Google search. However it happened, showed up and I got hooked.

I signed up to receive the KarmaTube Video of the Week, and each Friday an email notice lands in my in-box. I can hardly wait to get to Friday morning to receive a new infusion of Inspiration. (more…)

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