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Music — A Healing Agent

After being involved in the NYC Spiritual Activists Summit a couple of weeks ago, I got to thinking again about the huge potential and opportunity music holds to inspire, lift up and heal.

I wrote a short article that I posted to On The Summit — a great site dedicated to allowing Summit attendees and visitors to stay in touch with one another, and to continue exploring spirituality, friendship, etc.  (Check out the “Best of” Highlights of the weekend!)

Friday night music at the NYC Summit; photo by Nathaniel Wilder

I wanted to share my article with you on here on my blog. The Summit weekend reminded me of an experience I had when I was 16 and the healing that resulted. Music played an important role in helping me get to that point of healing.

So here goes!


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New Hymns: An Open Letter

hymnsuppl_G50778_lgIt’s always momentous when something new is added to a church’s worship materials, especially when the new materials are intended for regular use.  You know what I mean.  No matter what your religious affiliation, there are traditions and ways of doing things that are time-honored and beloved.  For some, having New Things added to the Tried and True represent a bit of a challenge – yes, even Change.  For others, this Change is welcomed with open arms.  But no matter what, that Change is hopefully seen as Progress.

Here is an excellent case in point:  The Christian Science Hymnal was last published in 1932.  Along with several generations of Christian Scientists, I grew up with the hymns in this hymnal, loving them and singing them from day one, continuing through to today.

And then last year in 2008, a brand new Supplement to the Christian Science Hymnal was published.  As a musician and Inspirational singer, this was indeed very momentous for me and very welcome and exciting!

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