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Djembe Thanksgiving – Part 3

Djembe Thanksgiving
Part 3:
Oy! Logistics, Permissions and Switzerland, Oh My!

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The week before Thanksgiving, we were able to arrange a one-hour time slot in which everyone could rehearse at The Mother Church.  Let me tell you, with all of the drummer/nurses’ on-call schedules, the teaching and performing schedules of the Berklee guys, the scheduling of the church and its musicians, including travel schedules, tech crew and administrative folks, this was no easy feat.

We blazed through that one-hour Friday night rehearsal and got through a lot of things – but we clearly couldn’t cover it all in that amount of time.  It went well, but afterward, there was concern about the overall readiness of this endeavor.

Would everyone really know what to do during the service?  Would we have enough time to manage the logistics of moving 10 people and the drums into places without causing major traffic jams in a fairly small space – not once, but twice during the service?  Would the African drums playing in a reverberant hall be overpowering?  Could we solve all of this and more in one final 90-minute rehearsal?

The answers to these questions and more, a number of inquiring minds wanted to know…


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