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The Road To Inspiration — Peter Link and Julia Wade


This article has been reprinted from an article first appearing in the Principia Purpose, Peter’s High School and College Alumni Magazine in December of 2010.


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Interview with Composer Robert Collister – Part 2


Soli Deo Gloria:
An Interview with Composer Robert Collister
Part 2

In Part 1, Watchfire Music Composer Robert Collister shared with us his early influences that led him to writing for the musical theatre.  He has to date written 4 musicals and continues to be prolific in several genres of music. On writing music, Robert says, “I don’t like to take credit for what I write since I feel that I am just a vehicle from which music passes through. Bach would write on many of his compositions, ‘Soli Deo Gloria,’ — ‘To God Alone the Glory.’ I take the same position.”

Read Part 1 of the Collister Interview

In Part 2, Robert shares more about his process, inspiration and talks about his sacred and inspirational compositions.  Let’s continue the conversation:


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Interview with Composer Robert Collister – Part 1


Soli Deo Gloria:
An Interview with Composer Robert Collister
Part 1

Composer Robert Collister was raised in Rochester, New York. He says, “I attended public school, and I was always playing baseball or riding my bike somewhere. In high school I played in the band and orchestra. I played baseball and tennis and also was in the drama club. I guess you could say I was just an average kid.”

Well, this “average kid” went on to become a versatile and prolific composer, musician, performer, and educator. Robert is a Watchfire Music composer with an extensive and beautiful catalog of Inspirational church solos. Very soon, WFM will be releasing a whole set of Robert’s choral songs on Read Part 2 of the Collister Interview.

On writing music, Robert says “I don’t like to take credit for what I write since I feel that I am just a vehicle from which music passes through. Bach would write on many of his compositions, “Soli Deo Gloria,” — “To God Alone the Glory.” I take the same position.”

Please join me as Robert shares with us with rich stories and inspiring thoughts on his lifelong experience with music.



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Interview with Composer Carolyn Kardinal – Part 1


She Writes Soulful Songs
with Words of Grace
An Interview with

Composer Carolyn Kardinal
Part 1

Read Part 2 of Carolyn’s Interview

Watchfire Music Composer Carolyn Kardinal is a prolific writer of sacred songs that have been sung widely in churches throughout the United States and abroad.  Carolyn is not only a composer, but she is also a truly gifted lyricist.  Her songs possess memorable, “sticky” melodies — they leave you humming the tune long after the song is over — and  Carolyn’s lyrics contain ideas and images that take you on journeys of the soul, bringing healing inspiration.

I have enjoyed my many conversations with Carolyn over the last year since she first brought her sheet music catalogue to Watchfire Music.  Additionally, I have loved the experience of performing Carolyn’s music.  The response to her particular songwriting talent is always immediate and filled with testaments of healing and gratitude.  Enjoy reading on as Carolyn shares with us her wisdom and experience as a creative artist in Inspirational music.


WFM Composer Carolyn KardinalJW:  What is your earliest impression or memory of music?

CK:  I grew up in Seattle, but both my parents’ families were in Southern California where we spent our holidays. I remember sitting in the back seat of the old Ford, passing those long boring miles by singing.  And on those cold, drizzly, pre-TV, winter nights in Seattle, I recall everyone sitting around listening to classical records.  I’d go dancing around the living room on the fast orchestral pieces, or during those beautiful soprano arias, I would sit staring into the coals of the fireplace.

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No Emotion


This is an article by Peter Link from his blog Sparks From The Fire.  “No Emotion” is a response to one singer’s feelings about how music should (or should not) be performed  in a church worship service. Peter’s answer, written from the point of view  of a lyricist/composer of inspirational songs,  is an illuminating and even instructive  jumping off point for further discussion…

There is so much to explore on this subject!  At least that is true for me as I continue the journey of performing inspirational music in the church worship service.  I hope this article will spark ideas for you and your services.


No Emotion
Peter Link

A woman called several weeks ago to thank me for a sacred song I’d written that she sang as a solo in church. We had a most friendly talk and near the end of the conversation she said proudly, “I just want to assure you that I sing your songs with absolutely no emotion.” (more…)

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Interview with Composer Greg Granoff – Part 2


Music Chose Him:
An Interview with
Inspirational Composer Greg Granoff

Part 2

My interview with composer Greg Granoff kicks off a new part of Inspiratus.
It will be featuring interview/conversations with artists of all kinds.
The idea is to explore just how inspiration, creativity, and spirituality all play a role in the development, creation and reception of an artist’s work.


Read Part One of my interview with Greg Granoff

SM_granoff_thbTo continue with our conversation, Watchfire Music Composer Greg Granoff has spoken in depth about his approach to composition and his thoughts on creativity. Greg also mentioned his work in the Music Department at Humbolt State University. (more…)

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Soul’s Perfection: A Story of Receptivity

siwonsmilecropI tell you what, this business of planning and programming Inspirational music way ahead of the actual church service is serious stuff.  Generally, I choose solos 4 to 12 weeks in advance of each service.

In order to make those choices, I study the content of each future sermon.  I research available music selections that will highlight an aspect of that sermon or support the overall message.  I also have to get lyrics approved by the folks who maintain the consistency of message within each service.

With planning so far in advance, as I get closer to the actual performance, sometimes I have to rediscover why I chose a piece in the first place.

Here’s an example:  I performed a beautiful song entitled “Soul’s Perfection” by Carolyn Kardinal for a Sunday sermon whose subject was “Everlasting Punishment.” Ugh.  Heavy theme.  But actually, the point of the Lesson-sermon was Redemption — God’s everlasting love for His creation.

During the week leading to the performance of this song, I suddenly found myself very troubled about the lyrics.  I loved the lyrics, but I was suddenly confronted with major doubts.


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