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Interview with Visual Artist Marty Coleman – Part 1


He MAKEs Absorbent Art:
An Interview with

Visual Artist Marty Coleman

Part 1

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Marty Coleman is a visual artist who has been working in multiple mediums throughout his career.  Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Marty works in his own photography, design and art studio, MAKE Studio. In 2008, Marty’s “napkin art” piece “America The Beautiful” was included in Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year 2008 edition on Barak Obama.  Recently, Marty  published his first book, The Napkin Dad’s Book of Absorbent Ideas’.

Visual Artist Marty Coleman

Visual Artist Marty Coleman

I knew Marty from my college days in San Jose, California at SJSU.  Marty was earning his Master of Fine Arts degree, and I was an undergrad music major.  During those student years, we became friends at a successful downtown dining establishment and art gallery, Eulipia Restaurant, where we were fellow waiters.  Eulipia was well known for its California Cuisine, and it was a major gathering place for artists, art aficionados, opera enthusiasts, serious art collectors and diners.  Indeed, it was a deeply creative (and truly gastronomic) atmosphere in which to work.

Almost twenty years went by where Marty and I completely lost touch, and through the Facebook revolution, we recently reconnected.  Back in the day, Marty was the wise-cracking sage who presided over the less experienced wait staff (I was in that group for a time).  Today, it is fascinating and fun to catch up with Marty on his progress and evolution as a full-time independent artist.


Here’s our interview/conversation: (more…)


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