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Raising the Curtain and …

Dear WordPress Blog Friends,

It has been a wonderful 10 years or so blogging here on my Inspiratus blog at WordPress.

In an effort to bring all good things together, I will be closing down this Inspiratus blogsite within the next 2 weeks.


It’s Time to Raise The Curtain …

On My New Website!

My new website can be found at 

and it’s all shiny and new and up-to-date!

I was able to migrate this Inspiratus blog right on over to my new site, so now, if you wish to continue following and commenting please join me at

I hope to see you over at my new website, and please, let’s stay connected!

Here are ways to do so:




Inspirational Song of the Week

Thank you again!

With love,


May 25, 2019 at 7:18 pm 1 comment

Saturday In the Park — A Rehearsal Walk!

What it is:
I bring the music in my head and in my iTunes — at  nature’s invitation, and I walk it all out, outside — dreaming it, doing it, thinking it, imagining it.  
The lyrics, the characters, the meanings, the relationships, the circumstances, the wants and the whys, the rhythms and the doings all get a work out.

To some, it might seem like a very Unusual Way to rehearse. It’s not. Things So Big, So Small come into focus on these journeys.  I invite the people in my stories to join me and Come To My Garden.  Somehow, they magically arrive on The Wings Of Music and there’s always Something To Talk About.

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Life Lessons with Molly

Here’s a story that is hard for me to tell, but I want to share it anyway.

The day before I had to go out of town last week, I heard a bunch of commotion in the yard and when I looked outside, there were our little neighbors, the 3 1/2-year-old triplets and their 6-year-old big brother, trooping over to the bird feeders by our dining room window. (They have an open invitation!) I waved, and the nanny showed me that she had something cupped in her hands. It was a baby bird.

I ran outside and the nanny said they found the baby sparrow in the street on the other side of our hedges. She asked me to take the little bird — and I did. The children showed me the spot in the street where they had found it.

August 15, 2018 at 5:17 pm 1 comment

Peter Link’s New Album, Remnants & Release Party

*psst* *psst* Have you heard the big news?

Peter Link’s new album
is now available!

Songs of a lifetime, reborn & re-recorded!


You’re Invited!

Join Peter Link
at The WFM Listening Party
to celebrate the release
of his new album, “Remnants”

on Mon, July 16, 2018, 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM EDT
at Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Studio 301, New York, NY 10018
Produced by Watchfire Music 

Join Peter for an evening of celebration as he takes you through anecdotes and stories about songs born and reborn and re-recorded. “Remnants” is a compilation that tracks a rich journey of music creation, evolution and performance over 4 decades.

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The People In The Picture

What a joy to be a part of this very beautiful production of The People In The Picture in San Jose, CA. This fiercely funny and deeply moving new musical spans three generations and celebrates the importance of learning from our past and the power of laughter.

More info here:

Julia Wade in the leading role of “Red” in The People In The Picture by Iris Rainer Dart, playwright and lyricist with music by Mike Stoller and Arty Butler.

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East Coast Nor’Easters and California Shows

March came in like a Lion!  A Roaring Lion! A crazy Nor’easter Winter Storm visited us and brought with it a total power outage that lasted for days!

The view of our front yard.

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My 13th Solo Album: Sunday Morning

It’s been an adventuresome year in making my new CD, “Sunday Morning,” and this weekend, Watchfire Music launched it out into the world!

13 songs for my 13th solo album.

I am grateful and truly blessed to get to share it here with you. Thanks to my producer, Peter Link, for enabling this project in so many ways. I hope you will enjoy clicking through to listen to the music, download the album and get your hands on the shippable CD!

Julia Wade: Sunday Morning — Music and lyrics by Peter Link | Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link 🎶

Get the Sheet Music, Study Tracks and Accompaniment Tracks here:



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