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October 11, 2011 at 10:19 am 2 comments

Goin’ Home is a brand new music project that has been two years in the making.  The project’s creator, Peter Link, is the record producer, composer, arranger and orchestrator of this work.  There is a cast of wonderful 15 singers on the forthcoming CD and concert tour.  This project is a beautiful, joyful, deep, amazing and diverse work dealing with a theme relevant to anyone and everyone.

So, what is this theme that’s so important to everyone, you ask?  The full title might give you a hint:

Goin’ Home:  On Heaven and Beyond.

Ahhhhhh, heaven and beyond, you muse…

Yes, I admit too, that title has provoked me into thinking more about this theme since I first heard about the project.  The music and the lyrics in Goin’ Home deal with that great transition or final change at the end of our lives through an inspiring blend of great tradition and cutting-edge new music.

Ok, you say, but why write a whole musical work on this subject?  Here’s what Peter Link has to say about it:

“Goin Home deals with the experience at the end of our lives that we each face eventually that I like to call “transition”.  I, personally, would like to go through that experience, when it comes, fully aware and alert, expectant joyful, and filled with spiritual curiosity.  When it comes to that transition, we Americans tend to look the other way and pretend that it doesn’t exist.  I don’t want to be like that.

What better way to prepare than to write about it.

So Goin’ Home is about Heaven and beyond.  I’ve thought from childhood that the much of the world’s perception of Heaven, though certainly idyllic, was really rather like a fairy tale or a Santa Claus story.  In a song entitled Heaven on the CD I write the following:

I don’t believe in Heaven
As a place up in the sky
A place where all the angels sit
As the clouds go passin by

 I don’t believe in Heaven
Dressed in white and gold
A city in a world upstairs
Where all of our wings unfold
And a God sits upon his throne

 I see it more as a state of mind
Since my body gets left behind
I see it more
As an open door
To a life of another kind

 I don’t believe in Heaven
As a place this side of Hell
A place where all the good folks go
A place where the spirits dwell
An’ ol’ Peter a-rings dem bells

I see it more as a holy space
A place to pause
A spiritual base
I see it more as an open door
To a kind of a quiet grace

And when all is said and done
I think that Heaven
Like earth
Is what we make it
It’s a moment in the sun
It’s a cleansing time
In a state of grace
It’s a place where laughter reigns

Oh it’s Heaven
It’s Heaven
Oh it’s Heaven”

(“Heaven” lyrics by Peter Link)

I am very excited and thrilled to be part of the cast of singers on this new CD and tour with Jenny Burton, Margaret Dorn, Angela Clemmons, Kevin Osborne, Vaneese Thomas, Catherine Russell, Darryl Tookes, John James, Keith Fluitt,  Tom Tipton, and the R&B group AHMIR.

Goin’ Home explores our eventual transition with songs like Peter’s original piece “Heaven”, as well as great new arrangements of traditional African American Spirituals and Hymns – and Julie Gold’s “Come To Me As a Bird”.  The CD is poignant, fun, funny and it’s a rockin’ musical event that will make you jump up and dance and celebrate!

The other important aspect to the Goin’ Home project is that a whole community has sprung up in the form of the artists, technicians, promoters, and contributors.  We started a Kickstarter.com campaign to raise the final funds needed to complete this huge project and get it out to the world by Christmas 2011.

Please join us and become a part of the Goin’ Home Community!

Check out the Goin’ Home project page on Kickstarter.com.  It will tell you all about Goin’ Home through video, music, pictures and text.  For every dollar that you donate, you will receive something special from this project.  (See the list of incentives on the Goin’ Home project page.)  You will also become an integral part of this growing community of supporters.

We invite you to become a part of this team – pledge a buck or ten or more – there is no limit.  Your contribution, whether small or large, is critically important to the success of this endeavor.  Every dollar counts.  If each person on our mailing lists just gave one dollar, we’d get there and beyond.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the Goin’ Home Kickstarter Campaign.  We have 30 days to raise the funds.  So here’s your first report:

In the first 8 days of this campaign, supporters have contributed 29% of the entire funds needed.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you again to each and every donor who has helped Goin’ Home to get this far.

We have 22 more days to reach the goal.  Below is a picture of what the community looked like after just 2 days of the kickstarter campaign.  We will upgrade this community collage each week.

Thanks so much for considering being a part of Peter Link’s Goin’ Home project!  You’re gonna love it!

The Goin' Home Family of Artists, Technicians, Promoters, and Supporters after just two days of the Goin' Home Kickstarter Campaign!

 Here’s The Goin’ Home Community as of 10/11/11:

Lauren Mctaggart, Karen Kantor, Steve Stiert, William Downs, Bonnie W. Wade, Kate Gibson Oswald, Julie Gold, Roberta Houston, Diana Paul, Jake Stewart, Steve Schalchlin, Annabelle Bloom, Suzanne Travers, Annie Layman, Tina Link-Black, Dawne Pullman, Edythe J. Peterson, Marcello Rollando, Gary Rowland, Kathy Horn, Laurel Rudolph, Art Lacoonis, Sara Gray, Dustin Link, Jan True Jacoby, Margot Faught, Joe Bravaco, Audrey Woods, Jeramy Shays, Karen Hathaway, Carol Jay, Tyler Neale Peter Link, AHMIR:  Sing-Sing, AHMIR: KC, AHMIR: Mr. Jones, AHMIR: Big Mike, Jenny Burton, Angela Clemmons, Margaret Dorn, Keith Fluitt, John James, Kevin Osborne, Catherine Russell, Vaneese Thomas, Darryl Tookes, Tom Tipton, Barry Danielian, Janice Sweet, Julia Wade, Craig Wagner, Ruth Smith, Chris Welch, Alan Smallwood, Beth Gibson, Carol Hoover, Cynthia Otoole, Kimberly Moller, Sally D. House, Dick Frantzreb, Gabriel Barre, Rhonda K. Youngblood, Debbie Bermel


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    • 2. juliawade  |  May 19, 2012 at 9:30 pm

      Thank you for the update, Hari. I will check this out. The interview site may only keep those interviews up for a certain amount of time. But thank you for the heads up!


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