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March 18, 2011 at 12:21 pm 4 comments

As we have all been trying to get our minds around the devastation of earthquake and tsunami in Japan — and as we’ve all been embracing our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan in our hearts and prayers, it is still overwhelming to me to”grok” what has happened there.

In working to get past feeling helpless and overwhelmed,  I have found many articles and blog posts to be very inspiring.  They are chronicling the prayers as well as the humanitarian work going on all over the world for Japan.

Here is a blog post called “A prayer tsunami” posted on Check it out!
It starts off with the guest blogger, Steve Salt giving his perspective from the West Coast of the United States:

“As word spread today about the devastating earthquake that hit Japan, a wave of fear began to spread around the globe. It is palpable. Video of the destruction viewed by billions is intensifying that anxiety.

As of this writing, the west coast of the United States is under a tsunami warning and residents are bracing for possible destruction along the western shores caused by the volume and speed of ocean waters. Just as tangible are the tidal waves of apprehension.

The ripple effect of this news is a heightened sense of insecurity. It is a challenge to the human psyche when the very ground we stand on is deemed unstable. It can shake our very core.

My prayer this morning continues to rest on the unshaken realm of God’s creation. I can find security there. Life is neither fragile nor trapped on the surface of a tiny ball of dirt in the vast vacuum of space. As I study my Bible I realize that life is formidable.”
Read The Whole Blog Post

The rest of the article and the comments posted by people all over the world have been very inspiring to me.   In response, I wish to share inspiration that I have discovered this week:
Just three days ago I began working on a brand new inspirational song. Though I had first explored the lyrics a few weeks ago, their immediate healing response to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan this past week just jumped off of the page at me.

This song, “Love Is The Reason For Living” was written about a month ago by my composer/husband, Peter Link. This week it has become my prayer in thinking about and praying for our Japanese sisters and brothers.

Peter originally wrote this song in response to an article he discovered by Christian Science teacher, practitioner and lecturer, Grace Bemis Curtis, C.S.B. of Pittsburgh, PA. This article (titled “Living To Love”) talks about the depth, breadth and allness of the power of Love.

The lyrics continue to be a guide in my prayer as I turn away from the physical, mortal evidence of disaster and I pray to know, feel, and see God’s tender and mighty love for His creation. This song helps me to know, feel, and see that God’s comforting, loving protection over the whole world is specifically surrounding and holding His beloved sons and daughters in Japan right now – and always has, and always will.

I am so very grateful for the immediate, protecting power of the Christ in all situations at all times. I am grateful for Mrs. Eddy’s discovery and uncovering of this Truth that is here for all of us – always.
Here are the lyrics to this new prayer:

Love Is The Reason For Living
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

We dwell in the arena
Of immense conflicting forces
Our lives are swayed by counsel
From a million diff’rent sources
As we near each troubled crossroad
With a rising tide of fear
And wonder what becomes of us
When the tidal waves appear

We cannot help but turn to God
To summon His defense
To stir instead the floodtides of love
His sustenance
His deliverance

And so we strip away the falsehood
From the truth of who we are
And commit our lives
To innocence once again

Love is the answer
Love is every answer
Love is God forgiving
Love is the reason for living
Yes love is the reason
For living

We long to stand the summit
In the pinnacles of Spirit
Where death no longer finds us
No and we no longer fear it
And the light of life surrounds us
With its infinite embrace
And Love pervades our consciousness
And evokes its change of base

Love is the answer
Love is every answer
Love is God life-giving
Love is the reason for living
Yes love is the reason
For living


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  • 1. Mike Day  |  June 16, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    I found this link through this week’s CedarS Metaphysical Application by Rick Stewart, CS. The words are so appropriate and I can’t wait to hear it.
    Thanks to all,

    • 2. John V. R. Williams  |  June 19, 2011 at 12:51 am

      Mike I had the same reason to visit the site. The words touched my heart. I had to hear and see what Rick Stewart CS had found. What a treasure.

      • 3. juliawade  |  June 20, 2011 at 11:02 pm

        Hello Mike,
        Thanks so much for your comment. We will be recording “Love Is The Reason For Living” later this summer. The song has been in development and I have had the opportunity to perform it in several concerts this past spring. I am so looking forward to sharing it in its musical/recorded form soon! I will definitely let everyone know through this blog and other sources when the song becomes available. Thanks so much for your interest!

      • 4. juliawade  |  June 20, 2011 at 11:04 pm

        Hello John,
        Thank you, too, for visiting my blog site. I am grateful Rick Stewart CS mentioned this song. The words are very healing and the music further underscores the healing power within all of our prayers. Thanks again for your interest. The song is on its way to being recorded!


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