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July 27, 2010 at 10:06 am 3 comments

On my Facebook page, a new friend asked about my forthcoming CD project — what will be the theme of it?

That’s a wonderful question whose answer has surely been on a low fire, slowly cooking and stewing and is just now coming to a full boil.

So, what’s the short answer to this burning question?  Ah – you know I’m long-winded!  But wait!  This time I can do it!  I can give you the short answer!

The new CD is about every day

“Hmmmmm,” you inquire…  “What does that mean?”

OK… here’s the long answer:

This CD will be inspirational in nature.  Some of the songs will be sacred, like my producer/composer/husband’s gorgeous new composition of Psalm 23.  Other songs will tell stories that somehow move and inspire on a wider scale.  And some of the songs are about big issues: war and peace.  And there’s a love song or two!

I am a seeker.  So this CD is about those things that I am seeking.  I search in spiritual ways, and in human ways.  I am always looking for God’s wink, His/Her chuckle, grace, surprise, gift, healing love – manifested through the daily actions and interactions within ourselves and all those we meet.

I am dreamer and a pragmatist.  I am eternally hopeful.  I love to recognize goodness in new and original ways.  When I find it, I feel great gratitude.  And… I joy in stupid humor and silly romantic comedies, but I also crave boundless western skies, huge peaks that never stop calling me, and vast open spaces.

I love children’s smiles and their wonder as they discover the world.  I passionately watch New York City dogs and their walkers – and I almost always cheer for the underdog!

Sometimes I fall hard off of my search and recognition of the good and the inspirational.  In those moments, I struggle mightily with “the bad and the ugly.” The CD will address that too – falling down hard and getting back up again.

I think these hopes, challenges and joys are made up of the everyday-ness of our lives — the little things we do everyday to help someone, or the grace to be helped; to have a little more patience; to listen to the other person – really hear them, etc.  Oftentimes, stuff gets in the way of doing those little things.

One of the greatest gifts in my life is my sweet, brilliant husband, Peter Link.  He made an acronym for me recently to serve as a reminder:  “CTC” or… Cut the Crap.  So if I can practice CTC on a daily basis, I clear out that stuff and make room for those little everyday blessings – and then they just become huge in my life.  They always lead to the next door that is about to open.  It’s pretty amazing how it all works.  It’s the journey I am on these days.

So what’s this next CD about?  It’s about the essential things in life – both large and small.  The working title of the CD – it may change between now and Christmas – is “Every Day,” which happens to be the title of one of my most favorite songs in this project.  It just says it all for me.

I am being asked to learn more about what each day, every day can mean on a small scale and on a large scale.  This CD is an exploration of our spiritual potential to bless and be blessed in big and small ways… every day!


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  • 1. Carol Jay  |  July 27, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Sounds like you are onto something that’s really going to bless a lot of hearts, Julia. May God bless the entire production and you in all its stages of development.

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