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March 19, 2010 at 12:14 am 2 comments

Hello, my fellow friends in hibernation!  Can you feel it?  You know, that subtle little thing in the air — riding  just behind the final March rains and snows — telling us that indeed, the winter is over.

Ah!  I am so ready for fragrant warm breezes, sunshine days, green trees, fields of flowers and birds singing in the air.  Here in New York City, all that translates to walks in Central Park and long hikes and runs along the Hudson River Park.  Those are my two nature options living in NYC, and let me tell you, I am grateful for them!

Springtime New York Style (from

I can’t wait to get outside again!  It has been a long and most definitely indoor winter for me.  Time to break out!  For me, Easter always heralds this breaking out,  and it’s just around the corner again… in a couple of weeks!

So let me get to the point:  While dreaming of the flowers and fresh air to come, this blog post is really a last-minute list of some great Easter and springtime sacred music available on   For you singers still seeking that perfect Easter Solo for your church’s worship services, check out these songs!  Enjoy!!

From Watchfire Music’s
Digital Sheet Music Catalogue:

Christ Is Risen – Robert Collister
An inspiring song of Easter that rejoices in Mary’s discovery of the empty tomb and celebrates the meeting of the Master and the disciples in the early morning on the shore. A beautiful Alleluia chorus
weaves through the song.

Easter Morn – Robert Collister
A gorgeous rendition of Christ’s destruction of death and of
his glorious awakening. Set to a poem by Mary Baker Eddy.

Resurrection – Frederick Koch
A rich narrative song in traditional style with
contemporary classical harmonies.

Resurrection Garden – Clement Barker
A traditional congregation favorite set to a beautiful poem
by William Aubert Luce.

Song of Easter – Peter Link
An infectious celebration of Easter that will have you and your congregation dancing and singing for joy!
Now with an optional tour de force “Hallelujah” ending. From my CD Story For The Ages.

The Christ Lives On – Peter Link
An emotional realization of the Christ presence that is available for everyone in every age and time.  Excellent for Good Friday, Easter and throughout the year.
From my CD Story For The Ages.

The Palms – Peter Link
This song lets you imagine what it must have been like to be one of thousands of witnesses along the road to Jerusalem the day that Jesus passed by, riding on the colt of a donkey. Perfect for Palm Sunday.
From my CD Story For The Ages.

The Way – Susan Lindquist
Set to an evocative poem by Keyes Becker, this song lifts up from the scene of the tomb and lilts with joy in the Resurrection morning.

Voices of Spring – Desiree Goyette
The melody of this beautiful song follows the rhythm of the words,
which are based upon an essay by Mary Baker Eddy.
Inspiring and moving, with a quiet ending.


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  • 1. carolyn Kardinal  |  March 28, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    For years I have told myself that I couldn’t write an Easter solo and that there were plenty of beautiful songs out there already. About a week ago, however, one of the soloists who frequently uses my music at her church emailed me to find out which of my compositions I would suggest for Easter, and that simple act prompted me to think deeply about Jesus’ resurrection. Out of seemingly no where, a flurry of thoughts plus a different perspective inspired me to write a new text and set it to music. “Rabboni! Rabboni!” is the result of that divine inspiration. It is very dramatic and the chorus will raise the rafters. I know this is the eleventh hour, but take a look anyway. Many thanks to the people at for scrambling to get it onto my web page. So Happy Easter to all. I hope you enjoy it. – Carolyn Kardinal

    • 2. juliawade  |  March 30, 2010 at 9:47 am

      Carolyn, thank you for your 11th hour Easter song and for sharing how it manifested from your thought process!

      For those of you just discovering Carolyn’s Easter song “Rabboni, Rabboni” — here is the link to explore more details — lyrics, sound sample, pdf sample and more!


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