Inspiration Infusion: Mr. B and His 5th Grade Chorus

September 1, 2009 at 2:54 am 3 comments


ps22-3Have you heard about “Mr. B” and his 5th grade chorus at PS 22 in New York City? Gregg Breinberg, director of the PS 22 chorus of 5th graders is an amazing, inspiring teacher who has reached the hearts and souls of his students through music.  He teaches at in an inner city public school in New York City’s borough of Staten Island.

This is a truly uplifting and affirming story of the power of love and dedication – and of the expectation and realization of the capabilities and possibilities inherent in every child.

So here’s your Inspiration Infusion: Listen to the PS 22 Chorus sing “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac:

View Karmatube’s Video of the Week featuring the ABC NiteLine Interview with Gregg Breinberg and his 5th graders.

ps22-5To quote, “Why should we have music in schools? This is why. Watch how an inner-city 5th grade music teacher inspires and encourages children to find their voices and a confidence that can carry over to all areas of life. Both the students and teacher are a wonderful example of the amazing talents that can be lost if we don’t find the time and space to invest in them.”

ps22-6Visit Mr. B’s YouTube page.

Visit the PS 22 Chorus Blog.


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  • 1. Carol Jay  |  September 1, 2009 at 5:18 am

    Thanks, Julia, for sharing Mr. B’s Fifth Graders with us. They were awesome. I know that growing up as a kid in Detroit, Michigan, Junior and High School Music Classes and Choir, were very inspiring and provided an outlet of expression for those of us who were not athletically inclined. From music study as a youngster individually and in the school system, one can learn discipline, self-esteem, concentration, goal-setting and teamwork; not to mention the ability to be culturally enriched and open for a lifetime which I believe fosters world peace. Thanks again.

  • 2. Jenny Burton  |  September 5, 2009 at 8:43 pm


    I just listened to “LandSlide” and watched a couple of the videos about the PS22 Chorus and Mr. B. How wonderful to learn about them. “LandSlide” is a wonderful song. it’s so neat that Mr. B created such a wonderful program for them with songs that really have meaning. I thought, even if the Kids don’t know the full meaning of the lyrics now, they are still infused with thoughts, ideas and concepts that enrich and deepen their minds and souls. I was so sorry to learn that they will move on to schools that in too many cases will not offer them a music culture. Yet, I hope that stopping off in the PS22 Chorus will hold their paths to destiny’s that will reflect their positive time singing together. Perhaps among them will be future music teachers, singing sensations and souls that will continue to hold up the banner of The Arts in our country. I take my hat off to Mr. B for offering them something rich and respectful of who each student is, allowing them to grow, experience emotion, socialize and have each others backs. So many lessons taught about being human, how to treat and regard one another and how to share what one has inside. Thank you for sharing them.

    Do you keep up with them?


  • […] Kanamori inspires me in the same way that Mr. B does.  (see Mr. B and His Fifth Grade Class)   In part this is because I spent 6 years as an Artist-In-Residence with the Los Angeles Music […]


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