Have I Got A Song For You! – Part 2

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song of unityCoverMany of you who regularly search for that next great piece of music to sing in your worship service — You Know Who You Are — have asked about the solo I performed on June 7, 2009. The occasion was the day of Sunday Services preceding the Monday Annual Meeting of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, 2009.

As many of you know, this year’s theme for Annual Meeting was “One Accord, One Place.” The Sunday Services definitely supported this theme.

After going down many different roads of exploration, in search of that perfect song, the right idea for the solo just floated to the surface in a very quiet moment. That’s usually how it happens for me.

For those quiet moments of Inspiration to happen, I have to get myself, my STRONG opinions, and my wants out of the way — all the way out of the way.

Once that occurs, the conditions are set for that right idea to just rise up in thought.

The right idea for the solo was actually a choral piece that I had ordered from Sheet Music Plus a couple of months before I made the final solo selection. It was a last-minute “hunch” purchase, even though I was SURE that the solo was going in an altogether VERY DIFFERENT direction.

Just goes to show… I was so wrong (and yet, so right!)

But once that quietude came to me, months later, and wrapped me up in its peaceful, protective beauty, the answer came to my thought, quiet as a whisper. And the solo fell right into place.

The piece is called Song Of Unity. The lyrics and music are by Joseph M. Martin. (I have since become a huge fan of Mr. Martin’s music.)

I had the great privilege of performing the song with two amazing music professionals: excellent and accomplished organist of The Mother Church, Bryan Ashley and multi-talented Programmer/Keyboard specialist Jeff Williams. Bryan performed on a Kurzweil digital baby grand. Jeff Williams arranged, programmed and performed brass, timpani and woodwind parts on a Kurzweil PC3X digital keyboard to accompany Bryan’s part for this solo. Indeed, we had a beautiful, sampled orchestral solo.

The congregation, gathered from all over the world, brought the full measure of unity to the song and the service.

It was a grand circle of communication.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Song of Unity
Words and Music by
Joseph M. Martin (BMI)

In Christ there is no East or West,
In Him no South or North.
But one great fellowship of love
Throughout the whole wide earth.
One world communion under grace,
One hope, one Lord, one faith.

We are one song, we are one people.
We have one hope, one God above.
We are one voice, we are one music.
We are one great song of love.

We are one world, we are one spirit,
One great church in Christ’s embrace.
We take one Bread, one Wine unites us.
We are bonded in God’s grace.

Like the colors of the sunset,
As the sands upon the shore,
Each of us is very diff’rent,
Yet we work in one accord.
Our diff’rences make music,
A harmony of life,
A symphony of sharing,
One purpose, one vision, one in Christ!

We are one song, we are one people.
We have one hope, one God above.
We are one voice, we are one music.
We are one great song of love.

We are one , a world communion.
We are one in Christ’s embrace.
We are one in our faith.
We are one in our praise!
We are one in God’s glorious grace.

We are one! We are one! We are one!

You can find the choral sheet music for this song at Sheet Music Plus.


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