My Last Four Years

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_MG_7388Hello Friends,

For some of you, reading this on-going blog will finally be a reply to YOUR email – en masse – that you may have sent me as far back as three years ago. I have not forgotten you and I have kept your emails. Weeks, months, and even a few years have passed, and I still wish to reply to you. I can only offer my apology and give you an explanation as to what’s been going on!

But first, here’s how the blog will work:

1. This blog is for you!
2. This blog will answer past questions that I have received.
3. The blog will include new questions and topics that come up.
4. Please join in the conversation. Comment back! What a world we live in now, where we can talk to each other quickly and effectively!
5. The Watchfire Music staff will help to maintain this blog and keep it humming.
6. We will invite colleagues to weigh in on ideas that are in discussion.
7. We will feature composers and recording artists to share their thoughts with you on their process.
8. This blog will also embrace our Watchfire Music audience base which is a group encompassing many denominations but sharing a common passion – that of exploring, sharing and enjoying Inspirational music.
9. When the launch of the new Watchfire Music website goes up in June, we will also include this blog on the Sheet Music home page.

Now that I’ve told you what the blog is going to do, here’s a quick run-down of what I have been doing to bring me to this moment. Sort of my “What I did for Summer Vacation” report. Instead, I think I will call it “My Last Four Years”. So here goes!

As a good friend recently put it, I have had a “breathless” time in these last 4 years. That is, I’ve kept up a pace that sometimes leaves me breathing hard after running a good race – or set of races, in this case. And I like that feeling!

You might know that I am the current soloist at the world headquarters of the Christian Science Church in Boston. I have been commuting for four years each week from my home in NYC up to Boston to sing 3 services every Sunday – 2 in English and 1 in Spanish. You can catch these beautiful services and the music that weaves through them each week on the web since they are broadcast for the entire week. It is my great joy to serve there.

Additionally, I recorded two Inspirational CDs, Story For The Ages, and my Spanish CD, Alabados sea Dios during this time, as well as concert touring. I squeezed in a really fun recording of Ogden Nash’s Custard The Dragon— great for kids from 1 to 92! There is a new CD in the planning stages at this writing, which will put me back into the recording studio this summer.

And then there is Watchfire Music. For the past three years, I have been on the Watchfire Music label as an artist, and for the past 2 years, I have been working behind the scenes in helping to develop the business – specifically the sheet music side of the business. I was part of the team that launched sheet music digital downloads on, and it is going great – which has indeed made me stop and catch my breath every so often!

I am mentioning all of this to you because A: it’s all kind of news-worthy if you’ve wondered what I’ve been up to, and B: these are the reasons you haven’t received that personal email from me.

I have truly kept your emails. And so, the era of This Blog is about to begin. This is for you. Remember, I will have some help from the Watchfire Music staff. We will start with the most pressing questions and keep adding info and throw in other thought-provoking things of interest.

If you want to follow on twitter to know when there is a blog update, please feel free to sign up and follow on one or both of these sites:

So, let the conversations begin. Thanks for reading!


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